• Web Performance: Forget Everything I Said Last Time

    An updated version of my "Web Performance: Past, Present, and Future" talk from a few years ago. We'll explore new user centric metrics, talk about what's changed, and discuss what's still the same.

  • A Tale of Creativity, ES2015, and Using Native Components in Production

    A team set out to create a design language for their SaaS products learns what it means to use native Web Components in production. Through battles with ES2015, browser compatibility, and polyfills, to victories of designers using HTML to prototype.

  • Proximity Marketing with BeaconSage

    The way we connect with customers is changing and our businesses should change with them. Using beacons businesses can send content to customers, even without an app. BeaconSage allows businesses to create great content and manage beacons in one place.

  • #webPerf and Umbraco

    Understanding performance best practices and how to implement them in Umbraco is key for creating fast websites.

  • Umbraco and the Need for Speed

    Umbraco is one of the fastest CMSs on the market. In this talk I show how to optimize content to keep an Umbraco website running at top speed.

  • Path to Perf Podcast with Matt Shull

    The Path to Perf podcast where I discuss all things performance with the hosts. Everything from optimizing images to creating a culture of performance at an agency.

  • Web Components and Polymer

    At Future Insights 2015 I spoke on how to start using web components and Polymer in production.

  • Web Performance: Past, Present and Future

    Deep dive into what metrics are important for measuring web peformance and what best practices to use