I'm a developer and entrepreneur creating delightful products and services on the web.

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Web Apps

I build awesome web apps with tech like push notifications, web components, and responsive design.

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Web Performance

#webperf is important for your users and your companies bottom line. Let me help your team analyze and fix issues.

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Training / Speaking

I love sharing what I've learned by speaking at conferences or teaching teams. Get in touch for more info!

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Latest Content

  • You're Leaving Aristotle?!

    I'm excited to announce that I have a new job! A few people have been asking some questions and I want to make sure we clarify a few things.

  • A Tale of Creativity, ES2015, and Using Native Components in Production

    A team set out to create a design language for their SaaS products learns what it means to use native Web Components in production. Through battles with ES2015, browser compatibility, and polyfills, to victories of designers using HTML to prototype.

  • Proximity Marketing with BeaconSage

    The way we connect with customers is changing and our businesses should change with them. Using beacons businesses can send content to customers, even without an app. BeaconSage allows businesses to create great content and manage beacons in one place.

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